Lisburn – Eneotech – £1,000,000.00

Taylor Group were employed on their first ever project in September 2010 by Eneotech to carry out the asbestos removal to various areas throughout the Maze Regeneration Project.  The site has a compelling and varied history, initially as a World War II airfield and then a military camp, detention centre and prison.   The Maze Regernation project was actioned to transform this area into a landmark development of local, regional and international significance, delivering unprecedented social and economic value whilst providing a platform for prosperity for future generations and creating an exemplar model for societies emerging from conflict.

The project developed as works proceeded and ended up spanning over a year in total.  The main works involved where the removal of Asbestos containing materials including ceiling tiles, floor tiles, AIB board, boiler house removal, asbestos contaminated materials and contaminated soil and debris from various areas within the site.

A major part of the works involved the removal of contaminated soil from the area.  These works invloved the excavation of the ground,  The excavated materials were then spread over a clear area and sorted through by asbestos trained operatives.  Items of asbestos found were removed from the soil and placed into UN bags.  The surround area of a soil was also placed into a UN bag and treated as asbestos contaminated waste. Once the soils were inspected and the analyst had provided visual clearance certificates the soils and waste materials were separated using the excavator fitted with a riddling bucket. The soils and wastes were then separated into separate piles: hardcore/timber/metal and soils. The soils were further inspected and samples taken for presence of asbestos.

As this was our first ever job as a new company we were keen to make a good impression and our team of operatives and management did not disappoint

Photos of ground excavation works Maze Regeneration