Craigavon – Farrans – £100,000.00

AAES were employed primarily by Farrans to carry out asbestos removal works to various areas within Craigavon Area Hospital.

The works to date have spanned over more than a 2 year period, with work being on an as and when required basis. The works consisted of removal of various asbestos containing materials from various areas within Craigavon Area Hospital including pipe lagging, boiler rooms, plant rooms and AIB board.

All works allocated to us required a site visit prior to works commencing to allow for the preparation of our site specific method statement and risk assessment. The works included the stripping out of asbestos materials followed by the fine cleaning of the removal area. An UKAS approved analytical company was then employed to carry out 4 stage airtesting and/or background monitoring as required before the area was handed back to the client for re-occupation.

As the site was still operational the works were meticulously well planned ensuring that the public refrained from these areas during removal works and that the area was well signposted to warn public of ongoing works. Work involved working in live boiler/plant rooms creating a greater risk to our employees health and well being so extra planning was required on these occassions. Some works also involved duct working and working in confined spaces. Employees involved on these projects all had to undergo confined spaces training to reduce the risk to their personal wellbeing and health.

As with all asbestos removal jobs the area had to be certified as safe before reoccupation of the area by the public was permitted.

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