Castlewellan Forest Park- H&J Martin – £250,000.00

Taylor Construction Services were employed by H&J Martin to carry out an overhaul to the Glass Aboretum in Castlewellan Forest Park, Co Down an area of Natural Conservation. This was a Heritage project overseen by the ARC project who were formed in 2009 with the main aim to regenerate the arboretum, heighten awareness of its botanical importance and take steps to ensure it sustainability.

The project spanned over several months and entailed the removal of all glass, putty, strapping and vegetation to allow for investigative works and replacement thereafter with new timbers, glass fixtures and fittings.

To achieve the alterations the team were required to strip out all glass, putty and strapping. Then remove any vegetation present to allow for surveys to be carried out in the premises to ascertain any dangers or dangerous materials present. On removal of all glass, putty and vegetation , and completion of all necessary surveys by others ,it was discovered that some of the timber framing was rotten and required replacement prior to new glass fixtures and fittings being installed.

Challenging issues during the removal works included the construction of scaffolding with a hood in place so as works could continue even during wet conditions. Cherry pickers and boom lifts were also used on the job for access and all men received full training on their use prior to their arrival on site.
As this was a conservation project it was of the upmost importance that works were carried out to the highest standards.

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