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Taylor Group, also formerly known as AAES Ireland Ltd, is a family run business located in Portadown, Co Armagh.  One of only 21 contractors licensed by the HSENI to remove asbestos insulation and coating. With over 30 years experience gained in the industry we have a vast knowledge of removal works.  We also provide a consultancy Service to best advise what to do on the detection of asbestos in your premises.  The strong rapport we build with our client base allows us to offer both a professional and personal service to our clients. 

Our management team have extensive backgrounds working in this field of expertise and understand the dangers, and indeed the worries of the general public, concerning the matter of asbestos removal.  They use their knowledge and professionalism to reassure the client that the health and safety of the client and indeed our own operatives is a major factor when planning jobs.  Our supervisors and operatives also all have extensive experience in the field of asbestos removal.  Their work ethic mirrors our own exceptional standards and practices. 

Our client portfolio to date has included some of the major players in the make up of both Northern and Southern Ireland, with government offices, local council offices, major service providers and some of the largest facilities management companies amongst them.

Whatever your Asbestos needs, we have the answer.

Types of Asbestos Removal Works

Notifiable (Requires 14 day HSE Notification)

If an asbestos removal job includes asbestos materials in friable or poor condition this elevates the chance of fibre release.  These ACMs will be more susceptible to damage therefore this results in the work being higher risk.  These types of works may only be carried out by asbestos removal companies who have been evaluated by the HSENI and deemed fit to be issued with an asbestos removal license under the strict guidelines set.  These types of work all require a statutory 14 days notification to the HSENI before commencement.

NNLW (Notifiable Non-Licenced Work)

This is for less hazardous ACM’s such as cement products, paper and cardboard where you may need to break the material to remove it (ie removal of an asbestos corrugated roof where sheets may need to be dropped) or for some high risk works conducted over shorter durations.  Works of these types don’t require a licensed contractor however the operative undergoing the removal works MUST

  • have had a medical examination (chest and lung function test)

  • Registers of the nature and duration of these types of works must be kept by their employers for a period of 40 years

NON Licensed Work

These types of works DO NOT need to be notified to the HSENI such as short non-continuous maintenance of non-friable materials.  Removal of ACMs coated covered or contained within another material such as cement, paint or plastic.  The sealing or encapsulation of ACMS in good condition reducing the risk of damage to them in the future

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